About us
Patrick THELOT, Founder of Phone Régie / Guillaume AMAR, MD / Florence BROSSARD, Administrative & Financial Director / Charles-Louis MAME, Commercial Director

About us

Although, since its creation in 1974, Phone Régie has considered hospitality as a key goal, its main aim is to provide its customers with a  service in their company's image.

Under the influence of its creator, Patrick Thélot, Phone Régie has become the European leader specialised in corporate reception by always staying true to its values: a service orientated and progressive mind set and team spirit.

Offering a quality service to its customers is the main challenge for Phone Régie. It relies upon the infallible availability of its staff as well as their ability to listen and be responsive. All this can be found in the team spirit instilled by Phone Régie: each person showing themselves to be united, communicative and able to support others.

Lastly, its because Phone Régie isn't happy with resting on its laurels that progress is always at the centre of its concerns. Today, this approach confirms its qualities as a driving force for suggestions and a company that is able to anticipate changes and adapt to them.

Nowadays, Phone Régie, has over 4,500 employees and twenty agencies spread throughout France and Europe.