Concierge service

Concierge service

Phone Régie combines the interpersonal skills and know-how of the Tout l'Temps Press company to offer companies an innovative concierge service.

Independent concierge service on the customer site

A concierge in the premises to offer complete freedom and a range of unrivalled services (dry cleaning, shoe repair, alteration, laundry, organic food baskets, etc.). Information, research, receiving an order, the concierge makes him/herself available to respond to any request.
A five star hotel service at the heart of a company.

Concierge service associated with the reception activity on-site.

A simple and smiling concierge service, which responds to small day-to-day problems by collecting and receiving orders for dry cleaning.

Online concierge service (offsite)

Go to our concierge service provider's site to place any order or ask any question online from the office or at home.

The package can be personalised, depending on the budget, from these three offers, for a custom concierge service which will contribute to staff well-being.