HR Policy

HR Policy

Phone Régie advocates team spirit and solidarity at the heart of their business. This is why each staff member is considered individually and is our focus. This way, everyone has numerous advantages.
The company is committed to working with disabled people and fights for awareness among its teams. Whatever your situation, Phone Régie is committed to putting everything in place to offer you a healthy working environment.

Various training modules have been developed in order to allow each staff member to develop and carry out diverse tasks for their customers. Employees can be trained onsite or via an e-learning module. The training offered is skills training, therefore allowing staff to develop real professional skills.

Phone Régie makes a point of encouraging professional development and has put in place an initiative to support its staff in all their developments.

Aware of the difficulties staff are faced with in finding accommodation, Phone Régie has put in place two types of support:
 - the awarding of a salary advance (interest free) that the employee repays in monthly amounts over a maximum of 12 months;
 - Phone Régie acts as a guarantor for the landlord.

Phone Régie also focuses on protecting its employees and lets them benefit from advantages (earning bonuses, special prices, restaurant vouchers, etc.) and bonuses: for diligence punctuality, time at the company and sponsorship.